Ash Nicole's Signature Soft Twist Kit

Ash Nicole's Signature Soft Twist Kit

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Our Non-Toxic WrapCulture™ Soft Twist is the best thing since biscuits and gravy. This delicious blend of bundles is the exact hair you'll need to create Ash Nicole's Patented Signature Soft Twists. They can also be baked into a boho finish on your twists, faux locs, or braids. Each kit contains 3 bundles in the following lengths:(1) 18-20"(1) 20-22"(1) 22-24"For thicker twists, we recommend purchasing 2 kits.


Tip: Combine with (1) bundle of Nubian Twist to aid with latching human hair Once installed, these can last up to 3 months with proper care.


How to install Soft Twists:


*** Hair is not pre-twisted.


Why Ash Nicole Loves It: It’s compatible with every hair texture! When I created my signature Soft Twist hair style, I wanted it to be a look that everyone could experience no matter the tightness of their curl pattern. My clients who traditionally wear wash-and-go styles tend to gravitate towards soft twists because the style is lightweight and closely mimics their natural curly strands.

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