Wrap Culture Handmade Soft Twists (Set of 10)

Wrap Culture Handmade Soft Twists (Set of 10)


Commitment issues? We’ve got you covered. 


Our Non-Toxic WrapCulture™ Custom Handmade Easy attach Soft Twists makes it easy to get the individual look you want on the go, without the commitment. If you aren’t ready to go steady with a full time protective style, or just have a new look for a night on the town, this method is safe and effective. This patented product is perfect for every person who wants to flaunt their individuality and installable in just an hour.  


Mix & match with 4  different color choices!

  • Additional Info

    Set of 10

    20-24 inch layered medim sized Handmade Soft Twists

    Each twists starts with a synthetic, easy attach end and transitions to 100% human hair

    Can be worn up to four uses if installed and removed properly

    Achieve the look on the model shown with 3 bundles

    As shown in the images, your set will be an ombre tone, meaning the root is a natural black or  deep brown and will transition into your preferred color choice

    All orders are custom. Please allow up to 20 business days for your order to be produced.