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Our Mission

Our mission at WrapCulture™ is to provide top-quality hair services and products for hair artists and their clients. We strive to make the process of installing braids, locs, and twists more seamless for stylists and self-braiders. 


Wrapculture™is here to expand our sisterhood beyond our boutique. We have an education page that features our latest tips and tricks with trends and traditional techniques. 


We also offer a rich array of colors and a variety of protective style options to satisfy every stylist, client, and beginner. As one of the few braiding companies owned by a braider, we offer innovation and expertise that will take your hair game to the next level. 


This world is big enough for all of us to thrive. 


We aim to honor the culture one wrap at a time.


Her Story


For as long as I can remember, my passion for creativity, sisterhood, and my hometown of Atlanta have been my sources of inspiration. Flipping through magazines like Hotlanta and Hype Hair filled my childhood. 

I began braiding my third-grade summer of ’97 at just 8 years old. The sweltering humidity of Georgia kept my younger sister and me indoors until near sunset some days. So, every day at 2:30 pm we would drop everything to watch Donna’s Day on PBS. The show promoted family bonding through cooking, arts, and crafts for 30 minutes in between commercials of Arthur and Sesame Street. While watching others create, we mirrored their sentiment as I weaved my tiny fingers through the back of my sister's hair into the best cornrows that I could compose until I tried again the following day. 

The older I got, the more instinct to create by way of braiding was just a part of my everyday life. I would braid the ripped fabric on my jeans as a fashion statement. I braided the garbage bag strings before taking the trash out as a way to make chores less daunting. I braided to find my voice. 

Like all of us, I struggled to find authentic inflection during my formative years. But having the background and knowledge to braid brought me to speak the language of beauty fluently. 

In high school, I became more confident and able to weave through all walks of life seamlessly. Through braiding I found myself intertwined with new worlds, family structures, and cultures — quickly expanding my perspective about life outside of what I was exposed to in my own home.

I carried those experiences with me throughout early adulthood. After cosmetology school, I worked as a braider at various hair salons on the weekends as a way to supplement my income and express creativity while I got a taste of corporate America during the week. 

But something just didn't feel right. I was chasing something, but my purpose was chasing me.

In 2016 I relocated to California to hone in on what felt like a magnetic-like pull to the west coast.

Now, WrapCulture is a full-time brick-and-mortar business surrounded by women sitting in my chair sharing their stories. I am again listening, learning, absorbing their triumphs and tribulations, and in essence, expanding my sisterhood. 

And in this way, braiding feels like a little slice of home.


Ashley is currently striving to push the braid culture forward by educating braiders and providing resources and education that she wished she had in her youth. 


It is her hope to inspire braiders to reach unimaginable heights through a commitment to their passion for the industry.

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