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SPRING TWIST | Various Colors

SPRING TWIST | Various Colors

PriceFrom $6.99

Our Non-Toxic WrapCulture™ Spring Twist Loc is ideal for styles like Spring Twists and Faux Locs! This curl pattern is easy to stretch and can be extended up to 60" in to create lightweight, waistline styles. It also looks bangin’ in bob length so try to give it a trim in half to jazz things up. For the best outcome, be sure to finger fluff the hair before use. Apply styling foam and water to maintain the curl pattern.


Why Ash Nicole Loves It:


“ It practically does the work for you!


Each strand is soft, bouncy and fluffy, wrapping gently around textured hair and delicately gliding over the braider’s cuticles. Once attached to your natural hair, the defined curl pattern of the WrapCulture™ Spring Twist guides the shape of each twist or loc, while also leaving room for creative free styling.”

  • Additional Information

    Material: 100% Synthetic Non-Toxic Fiber; Lightweight, bouncy; Soft-Touch 


    Best for:  Protective styles like spring twists and faux locs


    Extension Length: 30 strands per bundle; 16in per strand, Can stretch up to 60 Inches



    • 3 bundles are recommended for a full installation of Spring Twists  
    • 6 bundles are recommended for butterfly or faux locs.  
    • 100% Synthetic fiber
    • Can be steamed to loosen curl pattern
    • Responds great to curl defining cream or foam
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